Peer Support Design (PSD) Workgroup

The problem to be addressed by the Peer Support Design Workgroup involves accountability, effectiveness and integration of the client perspective on wellness and recovery as it pertains to all inclusiveness in reaching PQIC’s goals by bridging the gap between theory and practice by utilizing the lived experience of those who have navigated the system.

The following are some considerations for system transformation: 
• Accountability- How could Quality Improvement (QI) tailor a system overhaul without accountability to those affected—clients?

• Effectiveness- What kind of person-centered policy would emerge from those that do not have lived experience unless we have direct input from those who do have lived experience?

• Integration- What kind of remote decisions would emerge about behavioral health clients without the direct input of those who have navigated the system established and achieved their own recovery goals and at the same time have the ability and experience to analyze, and express opinions relevant to this vital PQIC mission.

• Stigma within the behavioral health system.

Peer Support Design Workgroup Reports 

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