Client Services Information (CSI) Assessment Record/ Network Adequacy Certification Tool (NACT)

​The purpose for this Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services (MHSUDS) Information Notice (IN) is to inform mental health plans (MHPs) about new data submission requirements.

The proposed elements are based on new requirements from the 1915(b) Waiver, Special Terms and Conditions.
Most of the assessment record data are currently not available from existing data elements within the CSI database. All data elements will be included in the initial database design, but only eight fields will be deployed during the Phase One initial deployment: Date Of First Contact To Request Services, Assessment Appointment First Offer Date, Assessment Start Date, County Client Number, Assessment End Date, Treatment Appointment First Offer Date, Treatment Start Date, and Closed Out Date.

Providers are required to complete the CSI Record Template monthly for new clients referred for non-urgent behavioral health services through the Call Center effective May 1, 2019.

Please follow these steps to complete the templates.


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