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Youth System of Care


The Substance Use Treatment Services (SUTS) Children, Family, and Community Services Division, along with a network of contracted providers, offer free adolescent substance abuse treatment at sites throughout Santa Clara County.  Services are confidential and available to youth 12-21.  Our mission is to develop and operate a seamless Continuum of Care for the prevention, early intervention, and treatment of substance abuse problems in the youth community that is appropriate for the diverse populations of Santa Clara County.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Client Entry Into the System
Policies and Procedures related to a client’s entry into SUTS Adult System of Care: SUTS Referral for Services through Gateway, and client placement.

Section 2: Client Movement Through The System
Policies and Procedures related to a client’s movement through the System: transferring or increasing a client's level of care and making referrals to other services in the System.

Section 3: Clinical
Policies and Procedures related to clinical issues: clinical standards, special clinical issues and populations, medical issues, and chart documentation.

Section 4: Communication
Policies and Procedures related to all types of communication: client confidentiality and “reporting” client and/or System information both inside and outside the System.

Section 5: Client Exit From The System
Policies and Procedures related to a client’s exit from the System: voluntary and involuntary discharges; client rights, and grievance and appeals process.

Appendix B: Counselor Resource Materials
Other resource materials for counselors, such as Best Practices Guide and The Clinician’s Guide.

Appendix D: Client Treatment Forms
All the standardized forms used throughout the System. Note: any form that is referenced or discussed in the policies and procedures in the Manual will be found in Appendix D. These forms are used as visual aids when orienting or training new staff. Appendix D is subdivided as follows: Appendix D is subdivided as follows:

Tab D-1:

Capacity Report
YSOC Waitlist

Tab D-2:

Forms primarily used for client entry, referral, and transfer

Tab D-3:

Forms primarily used for client treatment

Tab D-4:

Forms primarily used for "Reporting" purposes

Tab D-5:

Forms related to client outcomes measurement

Tab D-6:

Forms: Seven Challenges

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