Proposed SUTS Referral Flow

Substance Use Treatment Services


Date: August 28, 2020

TO: All ASOC & YSOC Providers

TOPIC: Proposed SUTS Referral Flow

SUTS Referral Process-Contract providers – Beginning 9/1

After SUTS moves to its new EHR-MyAvatar-, the process for referring clients to services at contract provider agencies will change. The new process for SUTS referrals is described in this Alert. The Alert describes commonly encountered referral workflows. Other workflows may be developed in the future.

Please note that the document is color-coded for your convenience: the current process is shown in blue font and the new process, in red font.

Please share this document with your clerical and intake staff as they will be the most impacted by these changes. SUTS has scheduled a Q/A session for the first week of September. Invitations have been emailed to regular attendees of the Data Quality Meeting. If you wish to attend, please send Kakoli Banerjee an email at the address provided in the footer of this document.




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