Birth to Five Level of Care (LOC) Workgroup

Shared Purpose

Create a durable yet flexible and cost-effective pathway of mental health services that supports the child and family from entrance to exit and that assures continuity of care from one stage to the next. This pathway will consist of transparent levels of care with a fluid range of services that support the social-emotional and developmental needs of children ages 0-5 and their families served by the Santa Clara Mental Health System. Services within the pathway will be culturally competent, client-centered, family driven, individualized and strengths-based and support children/youth to thrive in their own community. The Birth to Five Level of Care program will have a complement of services, including a selection of evidence-based practices, that are appropriate to the social, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of the children and their families served and will be designed to demonstrate positive outcomes that advance the child and their family to the next level of care or out of services all together.

AIMS Statement

To better define parameters for this Level of Care including: clinical criteria for inclusion; recommended range for length of stay; recommended range for dosage (hours/month); recommended cultural/linguistic expertise; recommended and/or required evidence-based practices; supervision recommendations, frequency, number of cases per full-time employee, reporting requirements, if any, etc.

Birth to Five Level of Care Workgroup Reports

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