Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and Reporting division is responsible for providing support to the Department by offering services related to analytics and reporting of data collected by the entire behavioral health care system.

The Division uses data from the Department’s electronic health record (and other systems) to routinely analyze information to help the system make informed data-driven decisions.

Analytics and Reporting division consists of  4 teams: 

  • Research and Outcomes Measures:

    • Creates broad reporting mechanisms on larger-scale metrics to inform stakeholders of the evaluation of outcomes and system performance.
    • Supports the selection, implementation, use, and reporting on various systemwide Outcome Measures.
    • Provides relevant statistical analysis of data to support program analysis and system improvement.
    • Develops, supports, monitors, trend, and interprets systemwide clinical reports, KPIs, and dashboards.
  • Program Analysis and Reporting:

    • Provides individual divisions/departments with tailored approaches to data, tracking, and reporting needs using unified and supported methods shared across BHSD.
    • Supports program specific metrics, evaluation, and reports to ensure compliance with contracts, fidelity to treatment models, and assist with program improvements.
    • Coordinates systems around division/program specific outcome measures regarding accurate data collection regular reporting.
    • Coordinates the data collection process for various state and other mandated reporting measures.
  • Business Analysis:

    • Focuses on systemwide enhancement of efficiencies from a technological perspective.
    • Using data-informed approaches, analyzes workflows and systems across all aspects of Department functioning to streamline, reduce redundancies, automate and reduce manual processes.
    • Responsible for technological aspects of connecting discrepant databases together where possible to create integrated data, reports, and dashboards.
    • Assures effective Change Management systems related to EHR and other processes.
    • Assists in the training, implementation, and maintenance of IT related roll outs.
  • Electronic Health Records:

    • Oversees the implementation and continuous optimization of the new EHR system for County Operated Clinics and County Contracted Providers (CCP).
    • Coordinates involvement in EHR operations from all relevant County Divisions (TSS, Service Delivery, Access, Quality Management, Finance, Billing, etc.) as well as from CCPs.
    • Facilitates the governance structure for BHSD (Executive Oversight, Change Management, and Super User Groups) to assure that the platform stays current and connected to relevant changes.
    • Supports the rollout of new modules and features of the EHR system over time as additional requirements and system capabilities are adopted.

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