2011 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce a draft of our first ever Annual Report on Suicide Prevention for your input and review! Following the powerful example of Australia’s dramatic results of implementing a similarly comprehensive strategic plan, 50% reduction in youth suicides in 11 years, and 40% reduction in adult suicide deaths in the same amount of time. It’s shocking to think that we lose three times as many people to suicide as we do to homicide. Suicide Prevention can only make a real impact when our community shares the responsibility. We invite you to join us! It takes all of us!

To become involved, provide your comments, or to learn more, please contact the Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Elena Tindall, at [email protected] or phone (408) 793-5843.

Suicide Prevention- It takes all of us!

Click on the links below to read the Suicide Prevention Plan and its Executive Summary:

The plan recommended five overarching and interconnected prevention strategies:

The implementation of the plan began in January 2011 when the Suicide Prevention Oversight Committee (SPOC) consisting of local experts from diverse backgrounds was convened. Since then SPOC has met every other month and its charter is to ensure that the plan is implemented with fidelity by the lead agency, the Mental Health Department, in collaboration with four workgroups: (a) Data, (b) Interventions, (c) Communications, and (d) Policy & Advocacy. The Data Workgroup was established in April 2011, and the Intervention Workgroup in July 2011. For more details, please select the appropriate page from the menu on the left hand side.

To save more lives, everyone must participate!

To learn about how you can contribute to our efforts at community-wide suicide prevention, contact the Prevention Coordinator [email protected].*

*No crisis counseling is available at this e-mail. For assistance please call 911 and ask for a CIT trained officer (a law officer that has additional training in mental heath issues) or call the Suicide and Crisis Services hotline (phone number listed in red at the top of this page). 

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